Is your Business transform digital ready?

Discover how Equteq helps your business transform

Is your Business transform digital ready?

Discover how Equteq helps digitize your business

Focused Industries

Tech StartUps & ScaleUps

Tech Startups & Scaleups fuel innovation and drive economic growth. The top 4 locations being Silicon Valley, New York, London, and Los Angeles. Critical success is having access to the right digital talent and skills. Equteq offers cost effective alternative solutions in Europe & the US. Developing the right strategy your business requires & helping you attract and hire game-changing talent.

Cloud Technologies & Services

The cloud is an affordable platform of infrastructure and services for companies worldwide. Whether your needs are cloud platforms, devOps or cloud services we are here to help. Looking for talent to help your business innovate on cloud? Revising or integrating your apps or business processes in the cloud? Equteq offers talent, expertise & cloud services to keep your business relevant to your customers & employees.

FinTech & Financial Services

FinTech or financial technology, brings transformative, disruptive innovation to financial services. Financial applications must be invented or re-written for mobile & virtual access on modern platforms. It's NOW more important than ever for businesses to be agile & unencumbered by legacy systems or processes. Equteq can help with talent & technologies to keep your financial business steps ahead of the competition.

Digital Connectivity & Mobile

The digitalization of content & expansion of mobile connectivity has changed our world. Using mobile devices 50 to 100+ times a day, using apps, gaming and video on mobile, 5G and IoT are examples of our ability to connect people, devices & businesses. Equteq enables communications companies to deploy and transform their digital services or infrastructure with our talent and technology solutions.

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