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This Website collects certain information via cookies and other online technologies. Thank you for choosing to visit Equteq Ltd. site! We care about your privacy and the information you share with us and want you to understand how we are using and protecting the information we collect about you. Equteq is respectful of data privacy and adopts best practice in compliance with applicable privacy law and regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

This cookie policy, as well as the privacy policy describes Equteq’s policies and practices regarding its use of information collected on this website and sets forth your privacy rights.

By using this website you are consenting to this cookie policy, and you agree that Equteq and group undertakings as explained in the privacy policy can place cookies as we describe below, and you agree to the collection, sharing, and use of your personal data for personalization of advertising or other services.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies improve your experience

Whenever you interact with any of our websites or media content, we automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including data related to media viewing, listening to, or accessing (including when you stop and start media, how many and which media of a particular content you watched, and how many times you watched, listened to, or accessed that media), data related to use of services, IP address, “cookie” information, and the page you requested.

We use cookies to help you access this website faster and more efficiently. Cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users, so that we can recognize you each time you visit.  Cookies also allow us to store user preferences and provide you with a positive experience when you browse this website. Our marketing partners also collect web viewing data to ensure that you are seeing the most relevant advertising.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be stored on a user’s computer, tablet or mobile device (aka “computer”) when you visit a website. A cookie will typically contain the name of the originating domain, the lifetime of the cookie, and a randomly generated unique number or other value.

Cookies used by Equteq identify you as a unique user by means of a tracking ID. The cookie itself is anonymous and does not contain any personal data, except when such information has been supplied by you, such as when you provide your name and email address when completing a registration form.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

We use the following types of cookies to enhance your web experience: essential, analytical performance, functional and behavioral advertising cookies/third party cookies.

Essential Cookies

These cookies are essential for the operation of our websites. Without the use of these cookies, parts of our websites would not function. For example, we use cookies to help us identify which of our users have previously registered in order to access their account content on our websites.

Analytical Performance Cookies

We use these types of cookies to monitor our websites’ performance and how users may interact with it. These cookies provide us with information that helps us provide better services & products to our users and also to identify any areas that may need maintenance. Cookies may be set by third parties, such as Google Analytics, but the data collected is controlled by us and only used to help us better understand and improve this Website.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences on our websites. An example would be saving your unique user ID.

Behavioral Advertising Cookies/Third Party Cookies

We use cookies to provide tailored advertising which we believe is relevant to you. Additionally, some of our partners use cookies on our sites in order to provide tailored advertising to you when you subsequently visit other sites.

Online behavioral advertising is a way of providing advertisements on the websites you visit and making them more relevant to your interests. This is done by grouping together shared interests based upon previous web browsing activity. Advertising is then displayed to you when you visit a website that matches these interests.

Cookie Policy Changes and Updates

We reserve the right to amend this cookie policy from time to time as necessary. We will post a notice on this website if there are material changes to the cookie policy, but you should also check this website periodically to review the current policy.

GDPR and Your EU Privacy Rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), created some new rights for European Union residents and strengthens some existing data protection rights.

To the extent that any cookie placed by Equteq or a third party, as described above, can uniquely identify a computer, or the person using that computer, under GDPR, this is personal data.  Therefore, the privacy policy shall apply to any such personal data collected from its users.

Questions, concerns or complaints:

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about Equteq’s personal data practices around cookies or this cookie policy, we encourage you to get in touch with our appointed data protection manager (“dpm”).

If you believe you have suffered harm due to a breach of your rights by Equteq under this cookie policy, and Equteq has not handled your complaint in a reasonably sufficient manner, any EU resident may also file a complaint with the applicable supervisory authority.

The contact information for Equteq’s dpm is: