A humanized approach to all things digital

A humanized approach to all things digital

About Us

Who we are

Equteq is a fresh-thinking digital talent solutions and accelerated software services company based in London and Los Angeles. We come from diversified backgrounds and our expertise is a blend of technology, software engineering, tech recruitment, and talent branding.

We focus on the intersection between people, process and technology helping tech Startups and SMEs transform, compete and grow in the hyper-connected digital economy.

What we do

We work in close collaboration with tech companies and offer digital talent solutions, employer & talent branding and software services helping businesses scale and accelerate their transformation.  

Our capabilities include rapid application software services, digital talent attraction and hiring, market talent intelligence, employer and talent branding, workforce planning and talent operations – that’s what we do.  

Oh and we’re nuts about new and disruptive technologies  

Why Equteq

We understand that most companies want value, real-time data and customized solutions based around their individual business requirements. Our flexible talent, branding and software solutions allow customers to choose and select the type of services that align with their unique business objectives, culture and goals in the most cost-effective way possible.  

Fundamentally, Equteq has a human approach with services that are designed & built to transform the way your business applies market intelligence, talent, software applications, and adopting new technology stacks.